End of a Season and Maybe an Era
( New York Times )

Everything changes. Things fall apart. Summer does not last forever, though it seemed that way at Yankee Stadium last night. It was 87 degrees at game time, one last day of warmth, perhaps, for Joe Torre.

For 12 seasons, there was sunshine on his shoulders. But now there is darkness, and the condemned old ballpark is shuttered again for the winter. The Yankees are a first-round playoff casualty for the third October in a row, and Torre will almost certainly lose his job as

【 まずは準備運動 】

・era 時代、紀元
・shutter よろい戸・雨戸(をつける、をしめる)
・row (横の)列

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力士死亡 放置が原因か

Neglect alleged in sumo death
Stable master waited before calling ambulance
( Japan Times )

Sumo stable master Tokitsukaze neglected to aid a junior wrestler who had been physically abused and whose condition deteriorated during training, and waited before taking him to a hospital where he died later that day, sources said.

While sparring that morning in Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture, in the runupto the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament in July, Saito became exhausted. Tokitsukaze told senior wrestlers to stay away from him and did not give him any aid, the sources said.

【 まずは準備運動 】

・stable 馬小屋、家畜小屋、訓練所
・abuse 濫用・悪用する、虐待する
・spar (ボクシング等)スパーリングをする
・runup 急増、(スポーツ)助走、直前の準備期間
・exhaust 中身を空にする、疲れ果てさせる、ひどく疲れさせる

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Bonds Hits No. 756 to Break Aaron’s Record
( New York Times )

Barry Bonds swung, then immediately raised his arms in the air,
realizing that he had become the most prolific home run hitter in major league history. Everyone in the ball park instantly realized the importance of what they had witnessed as well, watching Bonds’s latest and most important white streak soar into the night.

Bonds’s 756th homer pushed him past Hank Aaron and pushed baseball’s history into an awkward spot. He is alone now atop the career home runlist. Let the debate about the authenticity of Bonds’s record begin. It will be here for a while.

【 まずは準備運動 】

・prolific 多産の、多作の
・witness 目撃する、証言する
・streak 筋、しま、線
・soar 舞い上がる、高く昇る
・awkward 不器用な、扱いにくい
・atop 〜の上に
・authenticity 信頼性、真偽

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第1段落の真ん中あたり、Mr. Abe is not legally required to〜のところからです。

Japan’s deeply unpopular prime minister, Shinzo Abe, is insisting that he won’t step down, even after his Liberal Democratic Party won only 37 of the 121 contested seats in the upper house of Parliament inlast Sunday’s election. Mr. Abe is not legally required to go so as long as he holds on to the lower house majority, but the political message is clear: If he is determined to stay, he must change course.

That means spending far less energy promoting a strident revival of military nationalism and far more on delivering the kind of competenceand clean government that made his predecessor, Junichiro Koizumi, also a military nationalist, such an effective leader.

前回、political message は、記者が読み取った安倍首相のメッセージだと書きましたが、これはそのまま、参院選惨敗という政治的な状況が発するメッセージと読んでいいと思います。

この文では、is not legally required to〜と must が響き合っているのかもしれません。つまり、「法的には辞任する必要はない(not legally required)が、首相の座にとどまるつもりなら、方向転換しなければならない(must)」というのが、今回の選挙結果が発するメッセージだということです。

それから must については、こちらに誤解がありました。主語が I の場合は問題ないのですが、must とは話者の主観的な感情に基づく義務・必要を表す助動詞です。一方の have to は客観的な事情に基づく義務・必要を示す。日本語にすると同じ「〜しなければならない」なのですが、このようにニュアンスが異なるわけです。

第2段落冒頭の That means〜の that は、change course を指します。つまり、「方向転換する(That)とは、軍国的ナショナリズムの復活を推進することに精力を注ぐのではなく、・・・することを意味する(means)」。



( New York Times )




Asashoryu suspended from next two grand tournaments
( Japan Times )

The Japan Sumo Association took the surprising measure Wednesday of suspending Mongolian grand champion Asashoryu from the next two grand sumo tournaments as punishment for playing in a soccer charity event in his home country after opting to sit out the summer regional tour citing injuries.

It is the first time in the history of the sport that a yokozuna has been suspended or received a salary cut.

【 まずは準備運動 】

・association 連合、協会
・punishment 罰
・opt 選択する
・sit out 仲間に入らない
・regional 地方の、地域の

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Beckham Doubtful for SuperLiga Opener
( New York Times )

David Beckham missed another training session with the Los Angeles Galaxy on Monday because of a nagging left ankle injury that left him doubtful for the team's opening game in the SuperLiga tournament.

Beckham had been scheduled to attend Monday's news conference in Hollywood, but he stayed away to continue treatment. He has yet to participate in full training since joining the team on July 13.


【 まずは準備運動 】

・nag うるさく小言を言う 絶えず悩ます
・injury 怪我
・attend 出席する
・conference 会議、相談
・treatment 取扱い(方)、治療
・have yet to まだ〜していない
・participate 参加する

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