A Look at Who Naps
( New York Times )

Wake up, America! Fully one in three adults admit that on any typical day they take a nap, according to a national survey released Wednesday.

The proportion of self-proclaimed nappers was even higher among
adults who had trouble sleeping the night before and who had
exercised within the past 24 hours. It was also
disproportionately higher among people who are poorer, black, men older than 50, men and women over 80 and among people who are not happy.

Mammals that divide their day between two distinct periods ― sleep and wakefulness ― are in the minority, according to the National Sleep Foundation, which pointed out on its Web site: “While naps do not necessarily make up for inadequate or poor quality nighttime sleep, a short nap of 20-30 minutes can help to improve mood, alertness and performance.”

【 まずは準備運動 】

・admit 認める、入ることを許す
・distinct 明白な、明確な
・inadequate 不適当な、不十分な(その反対が、adequate)
・alertness 油断のなさ、素早さ

● 解説ザブ〜ン!
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Sergeant Who Arrested Professor Defends Actions
( New York Times )

The police sergeant whom President Obama accused of acting
“stupidly” in arresting a prominent black Harvard professor offered his own account of the incident on Thursday, adding a new dimension to a drama that has transfixed the nation.

The arrest of the professor, Henry Louis Gates Jr., was dominating talk shows and dinner conversations even before Mr. Obama discussed it on Wednesday at his news conference. But the president’s comments seemed to further polarize the national debate over whether the sergeant, James Crowley, who is white, was right to arrest Professor Gates for disorderly conduct while investigating a possible break-in at the professor’s home in Cambridge, Mass.

Police unions and other law enforcement groups lined up behind
Sergeant Crowley on Thursday, calling his actions justified, while the Congressional Black Caucus defended Mr. Obama’s remarks and called on Congress to address the issue of racial profiling.

【 まずは準備運動 】

・sergeant 軍曹、巡査部長
・accuse 非難する、告発する
・transfix 突き通す、(くぎづけしたように)立ちすくませる
・enforcement (法律などの)執行、実施、強制

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With Finance Disgraced, Which Career Will Be King?
( New York Times )

In the Depression, smart college students flocked into civil
engineering to design the highway, bridge and dam-building projects of those days. In the Sputnik era, students poured into the sciences as America bet on technology to combat the cold war Communist challenge. Yes, the jobs beckoned and the pay was good. But those careers, in their day, had other perks: respect and self-esteem.

Today, the financial crisis and the economic downturn are likely to alter drastically the career paths of future years. The contours of the shift are still in flux, in part because there is so much uncertainty about the shape of the economic landscape and the job market ahead.

But choosing a career is a guess about the future in which economics is only part of the calculation. Prestige, peer expectations and the climate of public opinion also matter. And early indications suggest new career directions that are tethered less to the dream of an immediate six-figure paycheck on Wall Street than to the demands of a new public agenda to solve the nation’s problems.

【 まずは準備運動 】

・flock 群れ、群がる
・beckon 手招きする、合図する
・esteem 貴ぶ、重んじる、尊敬
・contour 輪郭、等高線
・flux 不安定さ、流動
・indication 指示、兆候

● 解説ザブ〜ン!
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All 155 Escape Jet’s Plunge Into Hudson
( New York Times )

A US Airways jetliner with 155 people aboard lost power in both
engines, possibly from striking birds, after taking off from La
Guardia Airport on Thursday afternoon. The pilot ditched in the icy Hudson River and all on board were rescued by a flotilla of
converging ferries and emergency boats, the authorities said.

What might have been a catastrophe in New York -- one that evoked the feel if not the scale of the Sept. 11 attack -- was averted by a pilot’s quick thinking and deft maneuvers, and by the nearness of rescue boats, a combination that witnesses and officials called miraculous.

【 まずは準備運動 】

・ditch 溝、不時着水する
・board 板、車内、船内、機内
・converge 一点に集中する
・catastrophe 大災害、破局
・evoke (霊・記憶・感情などを)呼び起す、喚起する
・avert 避ける、防ぐ
・deft 器用な
・maneuver 作戦行動、策略

● 解説ザブ〜ン!
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Aw, Nuts. Why Won't My Car Start?
( New York Times )

Aw, nuts. That's likely what Hope Wideup thought when her car's turn signal and windshield wipers wouldn't work. It's also what she found later when she opened the hood. ''There were thousands in there. They were everywhere,'' she said, speculating a chipmunk found its way into her car, which had been sitting idle for several weeks, and used the engine compartment as a storage depot for a trove of black walnuts.

Wideup thinks it all started last fall when a chipmunk snatched a garden glove from her yard. She later found the glove in the engine compartment when she was trying to repair the broken turn signal. Unable to fix the problem, however, Wideup let the car sit unused for a couple of weeks and then heard a loud revving sound from the engine when she tried to start the vehicle.

That's when she looked under the hood again and found the walnuts.

【 まずは準備運動 】

・speculate 思索する、推測する、投機をする
・idle 怠惰な、活用していない
・compartment (仕切られた)区画、小部屋
・depot 貯蔵所、倉庫
・trove (金貨・宝石など)宝庫、埋蔵物(treasure trove)
・snatch ひっつかむ、ひったくる
・rev 発動機の回転(を増す)

● 解説ザブ〜ン!
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