Kim Dae-jung, Ex-President of S. Korea, Dies at 83
( New York Times )

Kim Dae-jung, a dissident who survived a death sentence and an
assassination attempt by military dictators before winning the South Korean presidency and receiving a Nobel Peace Prize, died on Tuesday. He was 83.

As president from 1998 till 2003, Mr. Kim was the first opposition leader to take power in South Korea.

Once vilified by his rivals as a Communist, Mr. Kim flew to
Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, in 2000 to meet that nation’s leader, Kim Jong-il, in the first summit meeting between the Koreas. That meeting led to an unprecedented de'tente on the divided Korean Peninsula, which remains technically at war because no peace treaty was signed at the end of the Korean War in 1953.

In a message of condolence on Tuesday, President Obama called
Mr. Kim “a courageous champion of democracy and human rights.”

【 まずは準備運動 】

・dictator 独裁者、指令者
・de'tente 緊張緩和、デタント(フランス語)
・peninsula 半島
・treaty 条約(書)、取決め

● 解説ザブ〜ン!
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Bolt Shatters 100-Meter World Record
( New York Times )

All those curious to know just how fast Usain Bolt might have gone if he had not stopped sprinting near the end of his world-record run at the Olympics last year now have a clearer answer.

Bolt pushed himself from start to finish Sunday night, and the result was a stunning time of 9.58 seconds in the men’s 100-meter final at the world track and field championships: eleven-hundredths of a second better than his game-changing mark of 9.69 in Beijing.

Tyson Gay, the understated American who was considered Bolt’s
biggest threat here, ran the race of his life, setting a national record of 9.71. But Gay was beaten convincingly in the Olympic Stadium as Bolt took the biggest bite out of the men’s 100 record since electronic timing became mandatory for record ratification in 1977.

【 まずは準備運動 】

・stun (殴って)気絶させる、あ然とさせる
・convincingly 納得のいくように(convince:確信させる)
・mandatory 義務的な、命令の、統治を委任された
・ratification 批准、承認

● 解説ザブ〜ン!
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The only alternative to coexistence is codestruction.


Good-looking individuals are treated better than homely ones in
virtually every social situation, from dating to trial by jury.


※ homelyに注意です。



Those off lay judge hook feel relieved
( Japan Times )

Relief was the overriding emotion of the candidates who weren't
picked in a final lottery draw Monday to participate in the first criminal trial under the new lay judge system.

"I was glad because I had been nervous and worried, as I don't have any legal knowledge and I wasn't sure if I could make a proper decision regarding someone else's crime," a 31-year-old computer firm employee from Nerima Ward said at a news conference after being told by the court he was free to go home.

The six who were chosen sat alongside the three professional judges in the murder trial of Katsuyoshi Fujii. The trial is to run through Thursday.

The five dismissed candidates who agreed to speak to reporters
admitted they had been nervous and not keen to sit on the bench. But some said their release was anticlimactic because they had been prepared to be picked.

【 まずは準備運動 】

・candidate 候補者
・regard 見なす、考慮する、関する
・admit 認める、許す

● 解説ザブ〜ン!
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Halted ’03 Iraq Plan Illustrates U.S. Fear of Cyberwar Risk
( New York Times )

It would have been the most far-reaching case of computer sabotage in history. In 2003, the Pentagon and American intelligence agencies made plans for a cyberattack to freeze billions of dollars in the bank accounts of Saddam Hussein and cripple his government’s financial system before the United States invaded Iraq. He would have no money for war supplies. No money to pay troops.

“We knew we could pull it off ― we had the tools,” said one
senior official who worked at the Pentagon when the highly classified plan was developed.

But the attack never got the green light. Bush administration
officials worried that the effects would not be limited to Iraq but would instead create worldwide financial havoc, spreading across the Middle East to Europe and perhaps to the United States.

【 まずは準備運動 】

・halt 停止する・させる
・sabotage 生産妨害行為、破壊工作
・supply 供給する、補給品

● 解説ザブ〜ン!